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Daily Higher Education News Digest

May 1, 2015
The Meltdown of a For-Profit College Behemoth (Atlantic Monthly)
Corinthian Colleges, Inc., was once one of the largest for-profit higher-education companies in North America.

Editorial: Give undocumented immigrants an equal shot at state scholarships (Chicago Sun-Times)
Kids who cannot afford college should never give up hope of getting there.

Revisions Make a Key Loan-Repayment Plan More Inclusive, Yet More Targeted (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Negotiators on a federal rule-making panel have agreed on a plan to expand and remake Pay as You Earn, the most generous of the student-loan income-based repayment plans.

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As of May, 2015, The Daily Digest will no longer be produced. Planning is underway for a review and updating of IBHE's communications services, including publications and the website. Therefore, it was decided to end publication of The Daily Digest.
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